Eulogy for My Grandmother

Fragrant roses. Hugs and kisses. Holding your hand. And most of all, family. These are a few of the things Dorothy “Dot” Saucier loved. I can’t recall how many times she told me she loved me because there were too many to count. I do know, though, that it was a privilege to be her granddaughter.

Her life and death revolve around momentous occasions in the Christian church. She was born on December 31st, shortly after Christmas, and passed away in spring, shortly after Easter Sunday.

Christmas is a time to celebrate one of the most famous births in history. Dot, too, was a famous birth for her family. The second youngest of four sisters, she often told me that her father doted on her. After marrying at a young age, she gave birth to two sons, who eventually went on to create families of their own. Christmas is also a time to feast, and she created feasts—both big and small—for family and friends. She was a gift to her parents and to us all.

Speaking of life, she had so much life to her. Never the quiet one, she often spoke her mind quite plainly. She taught me the importance and value of honesty. She shared her life with us, while being true to herself. Lively and funny, she sometimes mumbled little jokes so you felt close to her, as if you’re in on something together, your shared secret.

Easter is a celebration of rebirth and the love that comes from sacrifice. Dot gave so much of herself, including her love, to others. Not only did she care for her sons, but as a nurse for over twenty years, she cared tirelessly for others in need. Her warm, bright smile made people feel special and at ease. I always admired her radiant skin and beautiful green eyes.

Familial love expresses comfort and caring, and it’s a treasure I seek to return to in order to feel whole again. Reuniting with her over the phone or in person was lovely. She helped teach me how lovely love can be.

How appropriate that we are in spring, the season of life and new beginnings. She would’ve loved the warmer weather of spring, although her favorite season was summer; she especially enjoyed traveling to tropical places. To her, a perfect day was sunny and warm. She died in the spring, yet her death is not an end but a beginning in a new place. She has moved on from our world to the next.

(Image from DTTSP)

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